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Sedo’s Numeric Domain Auction Starting Tomorrow

Posted on 02 September 2014 by Andrei

I know some of you guys love numerics, so at least following the Sedo numeric domain auction that will start tomorrow might be a good idea. 264 domains are being auctioned and some of them are definitely amazing.

However, those with a “lightweight” wallet need not apply, as the reserves are obviously very high.

The “best of the best” domains are:

The reserves are high but when it comes to numerics, nothing surprises me anymore.

Some people have been doing ok with five letter dot coms recently and there are lots of those as well. I don’t particularly like/understand them but hey, more power to you if you can find a way to do well with a LLLLL dot com-related business model.

Here are the five letter dot coms that will be auctioned as of tomorrow:

There are also lots of numerics in other extensions but I only like two of them:

These are the domains I think you will find interesting but I might have missed some, so click here to take a look at the complete list.

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