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Quick Friday Tip: Implement a Renewal Strategy

Posted on 07 December 2012 by Andrei

The domain renewal process is and always will be one of the most important parts of your business model, yet most people simply go with the flow and renew domains “whenever”… not a good idea. In the long run, you’ll end up losing quite a bit of money if you don’t put together a renewal strategy. Ok, if you only own a couple of domains, it’s not that much of a big deal.

But if you have a reasonable sized portfolio, things can end up becoming complicated.


Mainly for two reasons:

1) The likelihood that you’ll forget to renew increases

2) You won’t be able to take advantage of renewal deals if you wait until the last minute and it definitely adds up

I’m sure reason #1 doesn’t require any additional explanations and as far as reason #2 is concerned, I’d recommend putting together a renewal strategy which involves coupons/discounts.

In other words, whenever you find out about an attractive offer, renew domains in bulk.

Don’t just use the coupon/discount for the handful of domains that expire soon-ish because for the most part, good renewal deals don’t appear as often as good registration deals, for example.

All in all, by implementing a renewal strategy, you end up saving money *and* decreasing the likelihood of forgetting to renew some of your domains. You’ll only save pocket change on a “per domain” basis but on a “per portfolio” basis, the savings will quickly add up.

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  1. AbdulBasit Makrani Says:

    Absolutely right. I always keep my domain renewed for the next 2-3 years in advance. I never forgot renewing my domain because of this reason only.

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