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Pitching Alternative TLDs Through Parked Pages – Can It Work?

Posted on 30 April 2014 by Andrei

I wrote a post about the current results of the Uniregistry affiliate program for parked pages yesterday, an article I decided to write after reading by the case study posted by Mike Berkens.

Today, I’d like to offer some (hopefully) constructive opinions, not just for Uniregistry but for everyone else who is interested in this business model as well.

As explained yesterday, the fact that most people don’t yet know gTLDs exist is probably the most important obstacle. However, it’s not the only one.

First and foremost, it’s important to determine *which* TLDs should be offered on a case by case basis.

Let me explain by assuming that the domain is parked.

Good idea: pitching the domain Chicago.Property. It makes sense, it’s a reasonably good choice, so why not?

Bad idea: pitching the domain I’m sorry but this is just too much of a stretch despite the fact that dot guru is a general as opposed to niche new gTLD.

I for one would recommend (especially at the beginning) only pitching new gTLDs in cases such as the following: -> Chicago.Property -> Insurance.Directory -> Money.Guru

… and so on.

Why? Because in such cases, the domain you’re pitching is actually a reasonably good alternative. I’d say it’s even better than a longer dot com, for example.

Whereas by pitching to the inquirer, you’re not making a compelling enough case. It’s just too much of a stretch and quite frankly, the person in question would probably be better off going with a dot com alternative.

The lesson that has to be learned (in my opinion), is this:

You don’t *have* to pitch new gTLDs each time.

Instead, I’d recommend implementing a technical solution which analyzes each situation on a case by case basis.

The question is simple:

Is there an “obvious choice”-type alternative you can pitch?

For example one that involves moving one of the words of the domain the person is inquiring about from the left of the dot to the right. Again, examples such as -> Chicago.Property.

If yes, then display the banner on the parked page.

If not, don’t.

In other words, the goal would be displaying relevant suggestions instead of suggestions that are too much of a stretch. I think that’s a decent enough starting point.

Can the concept of pitching new gTLDs via parked pages work?

I think it can but probably not as a “one size fits all” solution.

Don’t want this post to become too long, so I’ll end it now but if you guys have other suggestions, feel free to comment and I’ll gladly post a follow-up article that incorporates them.

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