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Noticed an Increase in Short Domain Inquiries Recently?

Posted on 16 March 2014 by Andrei

Maybe it’s just me but it seems short domain inquiries went up recently and it seems that buyers from Asia are responsible for the increased demand. Now of course, there has been quite a bit of demand for short domains for a fairly long time (especially from Asia) but it seems that recently, we’re dealing with a pretty significant increase.

Sure, most are tire kickers rather than motivated buyers (the percentage of “tire kicker” offers, often automated ones, is pretty high with short domains compared to other categories) and a lot of times, the emails are very poorly written/translated but still, it’s interesting to observe how things are evolving from a demand standpoint.

Why short domains rather than other types of domains when it comes to Asia?

It’s hard to provide a simple answer because there are several factors that need to be analyzed. On the one hand, things are considerably more straightforward with short domains and language barrier issues aren’t as problematic than with other domain categories, so this is definitely a positive aspect for a lot of Asian buyers.

On the other hand, there are also cultural reasons behind the increased demand for let’s say NNN dot coms or NNNN dot coms for example, domains that most western buyers don’t consider all that attractive yet despite this fact, NNN dot com reseller market values are higher than LLL dot com reseller market values and the same way, NNNN dot com reseller market values are higher than LLLL dot com reseller market values for the most part (lots of “wholesale” LLLL dot coms have pretty much no reseller market value whatsoever, whereas there’s reseller market demand for even the “worst” NNNN dot coms).

All in all, it’s a fairly complex situation but the bottom line is that the demand from Asia seems to be higher and higher when it comes to short domains. As a domainer, even if short domains aren’t your thing, understanding this phenomenon is extremely important in my opinion.

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