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Next Week’s New gTLD Launches

Posted on 24 August 2014 by Andrei

I think we’ll be dealing with the busiest week in terms of launches since I started covering new gTLDs: 6 landrush phases, 4 Early Access Program phases and 7 General Availability phases.

Tomorrow (August 25), there will be one landrush:

Dot Desi (a new gTLD for the desi culture of the Indian sub-continent)

On Tuesday, the 26th of August, five landrush phases will start:

Dot Cologne (German geo)
Dot Koeln (German geo)
Dot Host
Dot Press
Dot Website

On the same day, the General Availability phase for the following new gTLDs will start:

Dot Black

The 27th of August (Wednesday) will be even busier.

There will be one landrush phase:

Dot Global

Also, the Earlty Access Program for four new gTLDs will start:

Dot Claims
Dot Credit
Dot CreditCard
Dot Gratis

And last but not least, five new gTLDs will enter the General Availability phase:

Dot Hamburg (German geo)
Dot Discount
Dot Fitness
Dot Furniture
Dot Schule (“Schule” = “school” in German)

2 Comments For This Post

  1. Zimmer Says:

    Are gtlds really still being introduced? Why bother?

  2. Scott Alliy Says:

    Despite what things appear at the moment I find it hard, almost incredible that all of the creative entrepreneurs that have poured time, effort, energy and in some cases millions of their own dollars into the GTLD program are wrong.

    Rather, I believe that an as yet to be named or recognized marketing genius will develop an ad platform, parking style monetization program, web development program etc that will invigorate the GTLD program to the benefit of registries, registries, end users, aftermarket resellers, the Internet as a whole, and yes to the benefit of domain investors too.

    Only time will reveal the truth but I maintain that it is too early with hundreds even a thousand more GTLDs yet to be introduced.

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