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New gTLDs Had a Better Week

Posted on 29 May 2014 by Andrei

… but only because the previous one set the bar so low, with a grand total of only 4209 registrations after day one for 6 gTLDs (an average of 702 registrations per new gTLD after day one of General Availability, which is basically supposed to be the most spectacular day in terms of registrations by far).

As far as this week is concerned, we have the results for 8 new gTLDs which had their first day of General Availability yesterday:

5200 for dot ninja
5044 for dot rentals
4500 for dot immobilien (which means “real estate” in German)
3900 for dot holiday
1581 for dot vacations
822 for dot flights
682 for dot cruises
622 for dot villas

… an average of 2794 registrations/gTLD.

The numbers are better than those from last week but the more appropriate term would be “not as bad” to be honest. Also, as far as last week’s lower numbers are concerned, we have to keep in mind that one of those new gTLDs (dot luxury) had a $488.88+ yearly price tag. Therefore, even with a very low number of registrations, the registry can do quite well.

If new gTLD registries don’t up their game, we will most likely end up getting used to such poor results, the “new normal” of the domaining industry to borrow a term economists are using obsessively these days.

I crunched the numbers personally last week but Mike from TheDomains fortunately beat me to it today, so writing today’s post has been a lot easier. He got the data from

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