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Mike Berkens Tells It Like It Is

Posted on 10 January 2017 by Andrei

In perhaps the harshest post of his I’ve ever read, Mike tells us the sad but true reason why the industry lost so many voices. He’s 100% spot on in my opinion.

He wrote his article as a reaction to the blog post I’ve written on Sunday about the state of domain blogging in 2017. Mike tried commenting on the post two times but his comments were caught by the spam filter and therefore didn’t appear immediately, I’ve approved both and they’re now up. Ironically, I then posted on The Domains and my post ended up caught by his spam filter, it has since been approved :)

Unfortunately, he paints a very accurate picture through his post.

If you see things from the perspective of the domaining legends who have moved on and left blogging behind, it ends up being clear that the incentive to keep sharing knowledge just isn’t there.

For example, Rick Schwartz was constantly attacked over the years despite sharing lots and lots of gems on his blog. As Mike pointed out:

“Rick is living his life, retired and frustrated with people who insulted him every inch of the way telling him he knew shit as he made tens of millions of dollars.”

… can you blame him for leaving?

Or let me put things differently. Suppose you made let’s say $30,000,000 over the past 10 years and blog as a hobby, what would you do if you notice that lots of people start attacking you, telling you you’re no longer relevant and so on?

Wouldn’t you be tempted to tell them, pardon my French, to go fuck themselves?

Again, it’s all a matter of incentive.

Even legendary domainers are human beings. They want to be respected. They want to be supported. They want to see at least some gratitude from those who are taking advantage of the free advice they’re offering.

In our industry, let’s face it, none of that tends to happen.

As such, most of those who genuinely had something to say stopped talking/writing.

Some of them retired (Rick), some of them cashed out and took their foot off the blogging pedal (Mike), some are selling picks & shovels (Frank) and so on.

… can you blame them?

Will domaining blogs disappear?

I don’t think so but in the absence of proper incentives, blogs will stop being used as venues through which bloggers share meaningful content and instead, will be used as sales vehicles and nothing more. If the thought of 20 out of 20 blogs telling you and other domainers to invest your savings in Dot Horse domains seems appealing then by all means, keep on not giving a you know what. Because make no mistake: if something doesn’t change, that’s exactly what domaining blogging will look like a couple of years from now.

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