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Posted on 09 February 2013 by Andrei

I know it’s tempting to either ignore lowballers or tell them to get lost but in my opinion, being polite is the best approach. It’s not all that uncommon to turn a lowball offer into a decent sale and even if it only happens every once in a while, it can still be worth it.

Some end users are genuinely ignorant when it comes to domain valuations, don’t take it personally.

It might be the first time they’ve ever heard that some domains are worth more than the regular registration cost.

You don’t have to always write them a personalized message, just put together a template and use it whenever it makes sense. That way, replying to lowball offers won’t take more than a minute or so, making the risk vs. reward ratio very attractive since wasting a minute of your time is the only risk.

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  1. AbdulBasit Makrani Says:

    That’s correct. I always try to reply in polite way and have successfully closed deals in four figures when the buyer started with $50-$100 range. Sometimes we need to educate them to understand the real value of domains.

    I would suggest everyone to reply all lowball offers no matter who is inquiring and what the offer is. Just be polite and professional.

  2. Says:

    We are pledging to do our part and help educate as many as we can via all available media outlets.

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