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Low Interest in This Week’s New gTLDs

Posted on 23 May 2014 by Andrei

Not much interest in the 6 new extensions which entered the General Availability period this week: one on Monday (dot luxury) and five on Wednesday (dot foundation, dot best, dot dance, dot exposed and dot democrat).

According to, there are only 4,209 combined registrations at this point:

574 for dot luxury
1,393 for dot foundation
163 for dot best
881 for dot dance
663 for dot exposed
535 for dot democrat

It should be noted however that in dot luxury’s case, the registry did very well despite the low number of registrations. The cheapest price for a dot luxury registration that I found after a quick search was $488.88 over at NameCheap. Therefore, even with only 574 registrations, they did quite well.

All in all though (leaving the dot luxury numbers aside since given the high registration costs, it represents an exception and the registry doesn’t need many domains to do well), there wasn’t much interest in this week’s new gTLD launches.

With so many extensions in existence and on the horizon, registry operators have to up their game if they want to stand out in my opinion. Aside from dot club, the marketing campaigns have been very weak.

The dot co success story is right in front of everyone, yet most registries are doing the exact opposite. They had a very good marketing campaign back when there was no other competition in terms of new launches and in the current new gTLD environment, standing out is orders of magnitude more important.

Without a solid marketing campaign, new gTLDs will end up becoming “yesterday’s news” and this week’s results speak for themselves. It would be great if it were possible to do well with a business without marketing costs but unfortunately, the exact opposite is true: trying to run a business without a marketing budget is like trying to jump out of an airplane without a parachute. Let’s just say it probably won’t end well 🙂

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  1. Barney Says:

    This is clearly the beginning of the end. The gtlds are dumb and dumber and will soon be a cyber memory.

  2. Christopher Hofman Says:

    Barney, that quote will be a classic in a couple of years 😉

    Some registries had the false assumption that most popular search terms would equal most demanded TLDs. Anyway if you only have a success rate of 10%, it would mean 70 new gTLDs the size of e.g. .net. The new gTLDs are here to stay for the long run, and when the dot brands arrive it will ignite user awareness

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