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It Takes Just as Much Effort to Close a Large Sale

Posted on 07 April 2014 by Andrei

Domainers hear this statement from successful investors time and time again, yet I don’t think most of them give it too much thought. When you hear about a blockbuster domain sale, you’re tempted to say something along the lines of “sure but the seller is a veteran, I could have never pulled it off” as if the transaction in question somehow involved magic.

Did it?

Well, ask yourself a few questions:

Does a domain push or transfer take longer for a large sale than for a smaller one? Nope!

Do the two parties use something else aside from “yes”, “no” and variations thereof during the negotiation process? Nope!

Is the seller a robot or a person with superpowers? Nope!

At the end of the day, it’s all a matter of realizing that yes, a sale is a sale. The only aspects that are fundamentally different are the financial situation of the seller and the experience of the seller. In other words, a well-funded seller is in a better position to say no than someone who lives paycheck to paycheck and an experienced seller is less likely to get cold feet.

But at the end of the day, the seller in question is just a human being behind a computer screen.

Am I saying you should only go after blockbuster sales as of this point?

No, a strategy that works great for someone else might not be the best choice for you. Look in the mirror and you’ll realize that you’re in a better position than anyone else to make decisions when it comes your journey as a domainer.

What I’m trying to say is that you shouldn’t put the blockbuster sales you hear about on a pedestal and treat them as something that will always be out of reach as far as you’re concerned. They’re sales just like any other sale made by people just like you.

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  1. Savio D'Silva Says:

    Great advice since far too often domain sellers trap themselves into failing more than succeeding because of their low self confidence. I would strong suggest that beginners and domain bloggers first read up on sales techniques and brush up their own selling skills before trying to make domain sales out there.

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