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It’s Not Personal

Posted on 03 December 2012 by Andrei

Since I started offering brokerage services at a 3% commission, I’m receiving emails on a regular basis but unfortunately, most of the domains have nothing to do with the guidelines I published.

I mentioned that in order for me to accept your domain, it has to be worth at least $3,000 on the reseller market and that in order for me to accept your mini portfolio, it has to be worth at least $5,000 on the reseller market. Again, on the reseller market.

In most cases, the domains people are submitting would (at best) fetch those amounts through an end user sale in an optimistic scenario.

That’s why I want to make something clear and I’m sure other brokers feel the same way: if you don’t read the guidelines carefully and submit domains for the sake of it, you won’t receive a reply.

It’s not personal but since most brokers receive quite a few emails, replying selectively is the most reasonable approach.

If you want me to help you sell domains on the reseller market in exchange for a 3% commission, click HERE to read the guidelines and after reading them, shoot me an email at 🙂

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