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Posted on 09 January 2013 by Andrei

As a domainer, I’m always happy whenever someone puts a great domain to good use. I keep track of all sorts of finance-related stuff (the EUR/USD exchange rate, for example) and have used even before they bought

Simply put, I like how they make everything within reach and whenever I take a look at let’s say the EUR/USD exchange rate, I also see a list of the week’s most important economic events and that way, I’m able to obtain lots of useful information in literally less than a minute.

When I found out they bought, I was very pleased because I know the domain is in good hands. This much is certain: the more great domains end up being turned into genuinely useful sites, the more end users will understand that securing a good domain should be a priority.

Just thought I’d say congrats to both parties through this post, hope we’ll see many transactions like this one in 2013 and beyond!

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