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“I Don’t Know”

Posted on 04 February 2013 by Andrei

As domainers and/or entrepreneurs, we’re often tempted to adopt an “I know everything” mentality. After all, we’re involved in the world’s most dynamic industry and all that. We’re smart, we’re ambitious… but we don’t know everything. We just don’t.

Learning to say “I don’t know” is a humbling yet essential process in my opinion.

Understanding that saying “I don’t know” is a sign of strength and not weakness is of the utmost importance.

Everyone who knows me can confirm that I’m brutally realistic.

People often ask me what I think about their domain/website/idea and I have the bad habit of not telling them what they want to hear.

Delusion is often more fun that reality but if you’re realistic, at least you have a starting point.

So even if only for the sake of this experiment, try the following game: write down a list of things you don’t know, a list of questions you’re willing to admit you don’t have answers to.

Maybe it sounds stupid but here’s the thing: as a domainer and/or entrepreneur, being brutally realistic is a trait you can’t afford not to have in 2013 and beyond.

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  1. Jeff Schneider Says:

    Just as Rick Schwartz has said he doesn’t like to price Domains for other people because it leaves the most important part of the equation out = THE END USERS VALUATION. Yes Rick Schwartz is a tremendous Evalutor,but an END User on a particular name he is not. So your decision to withold your opinion and say I don’t know is wiser than you thought.

    Gratefully, Jeff Schneider (Contact Group) (Metal Tiger)

  2. Jeff Schneider Says:

    I DON’T KNOW is really in this case saying I dont know all the Metrics in an End Users Mind that buys any Domain for x$. Even the Best Evaluator in the business Rick Schwartz says there are so many factors I don’t know about a particular domain End User. So you are right on, and in good company in saying I Don’t Know.

    Gratefully Jeff Schneider (Contact Group) (Metal Tiger)

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