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How Many Domainers Actually Know How to Negotiate?

Posted on 14 February 2014 by Andrei

Ask yourself the following question and be honest when answering:

When an end user contacts you or when you’re negotiating with another domainer, do you act based on pretty much nothing more than your intuition/gut feeling or do you use strategies that have efficiency-related research behind them in a consistent manner?

In most cases, domainers simply operate based on their gut feeling and while some people achieved very good results that way, I’d strongly recommend starting to do some research on the art of negotiation as of this point.

There’s just no way for me to sum up everything you’d be able to learn in just one post, so I won’t even try. Instead, I urge you to spend at least a little bit of time researching. Fortunately for you, the Internet is full of amazing articles, videos, infographics… you name it.

Lots of research has been done, the art of negotiation is anything but some kind of a fad that appeared recently. As a domainer and/or entrepreneur, you owe it to yourself to take things to the next level. Sure, you might think your negotiation skills are just fine but believe me, there’s always room for improvement.

In fact, you’ll most likely find out that you’ve been committing quite a few fundamental errors and that there’s quite a bit of literature/research which proves just that. If you keep an open mind and are willing to change your strategy when the arguments in favor of doing that are overwhelming, you’ll thank me again and again in the future.

The Internet is no longer in its infancy, it’s maturing.

Let’s keep up.

No matter how good you think you are as a negotiator, here’s a challenge: spend at least a couple of hours researching and then draw some conclusions. Who knows, maybe it’ll turn out that you’ve been doing the right things all along.

Most likely though, you’ll find out that you’ve been making at least a few mistakes here and there. By correcting those mistakes, words can’t even begin to describe how generously you will be rewarded as of this point. The things you can learn after dedicating even a couple of hours to negotiation-related research can change your life or at least your career in my opinion.

Worst case scenario? I’m wrong and you waste a couple of days/hours.

Best case scenario? You’ll learn things which will help you make impressive amounts of money throughout your career as of this point.

Sounds worth it to me :)

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2 Comments For This Post

  1. AbdulBasit Makrani Says:

    Very well said :)

  2. Domain investor Says:

    Yes in domain investment it is really a pain to bargain.

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