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Future Trend Domains – My 2 Cents

Posted on 20 February 2013 by Andrei

3d domains, cloud domains, you name it. Can future trend domains be profitable? Sure, they *can* be but they can also be a trap. Whenever you find out about something like a new technology that you think will catch on, your first reaction as a domainer is, of course, to start looking for domains.

But there’s the catch: most of them will most likely be worthless.

What I’m trying to say is that when it comes to future trend domains, only a handful of domains are genuinely worth it., now there’s a great domain. +, two very good domains

… but is not and unfortunately, that’s the mistake most domainers make.

If the best domains for the future trend in question are taken, they settle for whatever scraps they can find and that’s not a good approach.

If you can obtain one of the best domains related to of the future trend in question, go for it.

If that’s not possible, move on and don’t waste time with low quality domains just so you can have a piece of the pie.

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  1. gene Says:

    While I fully agree that you need to be more discerning if you want to play in this space than you’d otherwise have to be, the payoffs can be huge — so you shouldn’t discount this space.

    I’ve found that most domain investors who discount this area (which, frankly, makes me happy) are those who aren’t willing to put in the 3-6 hours a day in research that’s necessary. It’s an area where you need to be smart, fully committed, and stay on top of news and academic research to an obsessive degree. What this really means is that you can’t be lazy and play in this space.

    But if you owned — and have been following the explosive news in that space –, you’ll never need to putting money in a 401K for retirement. Same can be said about plenty of other areas, which are set to completely transform the world…much, much more so than people know.

    So while there’s no doubt that plenty of long-tail registrations in the FT space are worthless, the 1st and 2nd tier dot-coms are money in the bank.

  2. Andrei Says:

    @gene: I agree 100%, you can make lots of money by working hard in order to maximize your chance of being at the right place at the right time.

    The #1 mistake lots of domainers make, however, is this: when they’re not at the right place at the right time, instead of facing reality, they settle for worthless domains just for the sake of having a slice of the pie.

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