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Expediting the Transfer Process

Posted on 18 July 2014 by Andrei

In my opinion, this is a feature all registrars should have and as a domainer, I consider it quite desirable. Several companies already offer this and not having to wait that much for a transfer to finalize is a very nice perk.

For those that don’t know what expediting a transfer means, it’s quite simple to understand. The process works like this: after initiating a transfer, you normally have to wait a few days for it to finalize but some companies make it possible to speed up the process. That’s pretty much it.

Now sure, this feature is considerably more important for domainers than for regular customers who only transfer domains every once in a while. After all, domainers frequently move inventory out of registrars for all sorts of reasons (due to the fact that a sale took place, for example) and being able to get it over with quickly helps quite a bit.

It’s not a “deal breaker” by any means or in other words, I definitely wouldn’t leave/choose a registrar just because this feature isn’t present. Other aspects are far more important, the price for example.

But still, just thought I’d write this post so that the registrars which aren’t currently making it possible for people to expedite the transfer process can hear a domainer’s perspective about this feature.

Implementing something like this would be anything but complicated and in my opinion, domainers would appreciate such an initiative. I doubt adding this feature is a priority for registrars that mainly work with retail customers (end users) but for those which have a significant domainer customer base, it deserves to be on the “to do” list.

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  1. kd Says:

    It’s easy to implement on the registrar side. It is one small EPP call.

    ICANN says the transfer process is exactly 5 days, unless the losing registrar accepts (acks) the transfer or declines the transfer. ICANN does not require that registrars allow the “acceptance” of a transfer.

    Most registrars do not support expediting transfers from what I have seen. Why is beyond me. The largest registrar supports it. And so do a few domainer focused registrars. But why do 95% of registrars not support this? To get the answer you should probably ask their “customer retention” department.

    Of course, if you need a transfer to be accepted on the losing registrar side, a LOT of registrars support it if you call in and specifically ask. So something to be aware of if you don’t want to wait the 5 days and your registrar is not supporting it within their interface. Not all can do this, but a large majority can with enough coaxing.

  2. Eric Borgos Says:

    I just did a domain transfer last night to a buyer from my GoDaddy account to another registrar, and I told them it would take a week to transfer but then sent me an email that mentioned expedited transfer, so I did that (they don’t make it very easy to figure out though) and the transfer went through instantly.

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