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Every Pressurized System Needs a Release Valve

Posted on 27 December 2013 by Andrei

As domainers and/or entrepreneurs, we’re often under a lot of pressure. Not necessarily due to the actual work we do but rather due to the responsibility that lies on our shoulders.

Should I accept that offer?
What should my next move be?
Did I make the right decision yesterday?

… the list of questions that are continuously on our mind could go on and on.

To avoid feeling burned out, we need I’d say as many release valves as possible.

Writing is one of mine. As mentioned yesterday, I’m finally writing a book. The posts I write on are useful in that respect as well.

Sometimes, my posts are influenced by something I learned/witnessed recently and by putting it all on paper (… ok, it’s not real paper since I’m writing on a computer but you get the point), I feel better.

Now I’m not saying all of you should start writing.

This is just an example.

What I’m saying is that everyone needs at least a release valve but the more the merrier. We’re not robots, we aren’t perfect by any means and acting as though you are is the most unfair attitude you could possibly have towards yourself.

Maybe you’re a nature person.

Maybe you like swimming.

Maybe you enjoy reading a good book.

There’s no “one size fits all” solution here, do whatever makes you happy. Don’t let your responsibilities become a burden, life’s way too short for that 🙂

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