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Posted on 12 November 2012 by Andrei

Whenever we’re dealing with something like the escrow industry, embracing new services is hard. You used, you used Sedo (both of them are great escrow services, I used them personally and my experience was great) and the first reaction whenever you see a new service is probably “meh… and Sedo are good enough” but that’s a mistake in my opinion.

Over the past months, Francois from (he’s the owner of eCop) has been aggressively improving his service. For example, accepts USD, EUR as well as GPB payments.

That way, if you’re living in a European Union country and are selling to someone else from the EU, you don’t have to lose money due to currency exchanges. If you’ve only made USD payments so far and don’t have to work with other currencies, it’s hard to understand how much of a royal pain in the you know what dealing with unnecessary currency exchanges is – take my word for it :)

I don’t want to turn this post into a novel, all I’m trying to say is that in my opinion, if you’re a professional domainer, you should use at least once.

Try it, understand what makes it different and decide whether or not you want to use it again. In my opinion, is a service that complements the existing established ones and it definitely deserves to be in the spotlight.

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