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I’m Starting to Like the Domain Trading Concept

Posted on 12 December 2013 by Andrei

I have to admit, I started warming up to the idea of domain trades over the last couple of years. I’m not saying your entire business model should revolve around them, I’m simply saying that in some cases, a domain trade makes sense for both parties involved.

In fact, I’ll be contacting someone with a domain trade idea right after finishing this post.

Maybe next time you’re “stuck” during a negotiation with another domainer, an arrangement which also involves domain trade is just what it takes to seal the deal.

Maybe you can offer a certain amount of money and one of your domains.

Or the other way around, if you’re not satisfied with the other person’s final offer, you can say something along the lines of “look, throw in this domain and we have a deal” and it might just be the solution that makes both parties happy.

I think domain trading should be kind of like domain leasing.

In other words, I don’t think your business model should revolve around domain trading or domain leasing but every now and then, they can represent a great solution.

Just like you might suggest a domain leasing arrangement to an end user who cannot afford your asking price, it might be a good idea to suggest a domain trade when negotiating with a domainer if you end up “stuck” because who knows, it might be the best solution for both of you.

All in all, I’m not sure about you guys but I for one will be more willing to entertain deals which involve domain trades and even suggest domain trades from now on.

I probably won’t do it very often but whenever I think it makes sense, why not?

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2 Comments For This Post

  1. Francois Says:

    I also like it…

    Use, we secure swapping.

  2. Andrei Says:

    @Francois: in my opinion, your idea of offering all sorts of alternatives to regular domain sales through ecop was great; in fact, I think it’s the only company that facilitates domain trades, I might be wrong but I can’t think of any other company that does this

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