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Retard Scammer Strikes Back on

Posted on 02 February 2008 by Lord Brar

There really can’t be a crazier way to spend your Saturday than investigating a Retard Scammer. I can’t get into details right now since we are still working to find more about this retard but till then you can have fun by seeing all the drama that took place on

1. For Sale. The guy has balls trying to sell a name worth xx,xxx for just $600! I mean com’on, anyone can see through this.

2. For Sale. This name is owned by Sony. Hey Mr. Scammer — Will you sell Sony along with this domain for $50?

I wouldn’t leave you without some inside dirt. Here’s the last PM he sent me at DNF —



I will not repeat.

Pls forgive me.

I am very scared now.

Please reply.

Tell me how to resolve it.



Please reply.

I am really sorry.

Also My exams are near the corner.

I am waiting.


Story Developing. Stay tuned for updates.

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