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“Domain Killers” – Then and Now

Posted on 10 November 2012 by Andrei

I was taking a look at an image that displayed the Internet’s most popular sites since the beginning of the commercial Web and up until this point, when I realized that several were/are allegedly “domain killers” (the image I’m referring to can be found below).

Let’s see:

Did Geocities make domains obsolete? After all, why pay money for a domain when Geocities makes everything just one click away? Needless to say, Geocities ended up being anything but a domain killer.

Ok, but what about Blogger or Why pay money for a self-hosted site/blog when you can get a or free of charge? Needless to say, businesses didn’t exactly abandon domains.

The sites which were considered but have proven not to be domain killers can be found if you take a look at the gray arrows.

But what about the red arrows?

What about social media sites like Facebook and Twitter? In my opinion, the end result will be similar to the Blogger/ scenario: businesses won’t abandon domains in order to put their entire online presence in the hands of a platform such as FB. While these sites are popular sure, they’ll be used in ad campaigns and what not but a domain + “real” site will always be the foundation of the online presence of most businesses.

Ok but what about apps? Well, I’ll just ask the same question I asked last year: do you think that launching an app without owning the domain is a good idea?

All in all, the conclusion is simple: some sites/companies/technologies will always be considered “domain killers” by some people but in my opinion, domains will always be the “foundation” of the Internet.

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  1. Dominio Says:

    Nice job!!

    And good points.

    Now the “big threat” is just growing cell phone use. That seems to be a “Net killer” so far since those clicks pay so little compared to a tablet or PC search.

    It may be that clicks are not the smart solution for smart phones, maybe it’s rev share or some new idea.

  2. Jon Says:

    The original “domain killers” used to be AOL keywords. Then Microsoft in the late 90s I think was selling their own keywords also for a couple of years. Then Geocities, then Myspace. Now it is Facebook, apps, and new tlds. Although apps are already dead I think. And new tlds seem to be dying before they are even offered.

  3. Furkat Says:

    I can not agree more. Domain names are the foundation of the internet. Online business can not build its presence without a solid domain name. It is like offline business without a business address.

  4. Domain Dad Says:

    Also was supposed to kill domain names. AltaVista, Excite, Lycos and Yahoo too. Yes, I had forgotten about AOL keywords — that was a good one.

    Those who promote commercial sites via facebook URLS are fools. Remember Classmates? Myspace anyone?

    I agree that gtlds are not to be taken seriously. That rocket will never launch; and, if it does, it certainly will not fly.

    Only .com has stood the test of time and will continue to do so.

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