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“Domain for Sale” Landing Pages vs. Parking for New gTLDs

Posted on 09 May 2014 by Andrei

In my opinion, a “domain for sale” landing page probably represents a better choice than parking for new gTLDs. Doesn’t have to be anything fancy, a simple page through which you provide details would/should be more than enough.

For great dot coms however, I’ve come to the conclusion that a parked page with a visible “domain for sale”-ish message represents the best of both worlds. Why? Because that way:

1) If an end user types in your domain, that person will see that it’s for sale

2) If someone else types in the domain, you might make money through the ads

When it comes to new gTLDs, however, I’d say that scenario #2 will play such a marginal role that it can be eliminated from the equation altogether. Realistically speaking, direct navigation-related business models will for the most part not make sense for new gTLDs. Therefore, domainers are probably better off eliminating ads altogether and simply assuming that most of the people who type in the domain will be potential buyers.

Am I saying there won’t be any type-in traffic?


In some cases (for example truly spectacular domains in the most popular extensions), there may very well be direct navigation traffic but these situations will be so uncommon that factoring them in when thinking of a business model for new gTLDs in general wouldn’t make sense.

Maybe some of you guys have different opinions but I for one think that “domain for sale” landing choices represent a better choice for new gTLDs.

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  1. Says:


    Every blogger that pretended to be neutral, or presented a public nonchalance about new gtlds, while innately pushing them activated my new gTLD pusher detector, including you, Zournas, Berkens…

    There’s nothing wrong with being for something, as far as you make it clear.

    I remember an election time trick people playd on blogs during Presidential elections here in the States circa 2008, whereby a tricky Democrat will write “I’m a Republican, but I’m voting for Obama”.

  2. Andrei Says: just another day in the life of a blogger.

    The article you write today will make some people think you’re a new gTLD cheerleader. The article you write tomorrow will make other people think you’re a new gTLD hater. C’est la vie.

  3. Tigger Says:

    “Am I saying there won’t be any type-in traffic? No.”

    Um, why not? You should be. They won’t. They are all stupid. No one will ever use them. If the world wanted them, .mobi and .biz and .travel would be in widespread use.

    Same thing.

    Total .FAIL

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