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Do You Check What End Users Do After Buying From You?

Posted on 04 April 2014 by Andrei

Now sure, the “I wonder what this guy did with my domain?” temptation is definitely there but should you actually go through the trouble of checking what happened after the sale? I have mixed feelings about this because in my opinion, there are two “dimensions” we need to be aware of.

On the one hand, there are negative aspects associated with this approach. For example, what if you found out that the domain you sold for peanuts ended up being turned into a huge business? You’re only human, so it’s understandable that you’ll probably feel upset for leaving money on the table. The same way though, if a domain you sold for a decent amount just sits there unused, you’d probably feel sorry for the end user in question.

So there we have it, that would be the emotional dimension, if you will.

What about the pragmatic one?

Well, the pragmatic approach would be finding out what happened to each domain you sold because that way, you’ll be able to determine whether or not the strategy you chose when selling it was appropriate. If it wasn’t appropriate, you’ll be able to learn a few valuable lessons that might help you calibrate future strategies.

I think this is a pretty important topic because at the end of the day, domainers aren’t robots. We’re only human and it’s hard to constantly be pragmatic. However, as time passes, I become better and better at it. It’s impossible not to pay attention to the emotional dimension of domaining, it’s impossible to ignore it.

Yes, you will feel bad if you end up realizing that you sold for way less than you should/could have.

But what’s better: being blissfully ignorant of your mistakes or acknowledging them in order to learn valuable lessons which help you adopt better strategies in the future?

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