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Did You Register Any Dot Wien, Dot Rest, Dot Bar, Dot Capital, Dot Engineering, Dot Exchange or Dot Gripe Domains This Week?

Posted on 16 July 2014 by Andrei

Pretty active week on the new gTLD front but I for one didn’t get any. Dot Wien was very tempting but the terms I found attractive were taken.

Also, there is one issue with it from a domaining perspective: the fact that the city is called “Wien” in German but “Vienna” in English, as opposed to for example Berlin which has that name in German as well as English.

All in all, it seems like more of a local new gTLD as opposed to an international one, so German terms are most likely a better fit than English ones. If you do want to register some English terms, I’d recommend “international” words.

For example: marketing, hosting and so on.

Such words are frequently used in German and other languages instead of the native language version, that’s why I call them “international” words.

A few examples of English terms that are *not* international words: house (in German, “Haus” is used instead), money (the German version which is “Geld” is used instead), tires (the German word “Reifen” is used instead) and so on.

Aside from searching for some nice .Wien domains, I also tried searching for interesting combinations in some of this week’s other new gTLDs but ultimately decided not to register anything.

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  1. Leonard Britt Says:

    No new TLDs yet but today I successfully backordered a seven year old two-word .COM

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