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Did You Register Any .Care, .Clinic, .Dental or .Surgery Domains?

Posted on 13 August 2014 by Andrei

4 new gTLDs entered the General Availability phase today and while I was moderately interested in three of them (Dot Care, Dot Clinic and Dot Surgery), I ended up not registering anything.

As far as Dot Care is concerned, the pool of domains I considered attractive wasn’t very large to begin with, so I knew right off the bat that the likelihood of grabbing even one was pretty low.

Dot Clinic and Dot Surgery have (in my opinion) a larger pool of attractive domains but the premium renewals represented a deal breaker. I would have registered quite a few domains if they would have been available at the regular registration fee on a first come, first serve basis.

But paying a premium makes (at least in my case) little financial sense.

Quite frankly, I’m just not seeing enough (if any) upside.

For the most part, I try to stay away from domains with premium renewals. Now sure, I’d take action if a genuinely amazing domain would be available at a premium fee I’d consider a bargain but thus far, I’ve never been in such a situation.

Before I forget, the Early Access Program started for the following new gTLDs today:

Dot Cash
Dot Fund
Dot Investments
Dot Tax

For the reason I referred to previously (the fact that for the most part, I try to only buy domains that are available at the regular registration fee and therefore, tend to stay away from EAP domains, landrush domains and so on), I’m not interested in any of them at this point.

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  1. JamesT Says:

    Nope, the registry reserves all the top tier domains, leaves subpar for premium, and crap at $30-$60 suckers

  2. Phil Says:


  3. Zara58 Says:

  4. Rich Says:

  5. Both Sides Says:

    How about ?

    The gtlds are pathetically stupid and will all soon .die

  6. Raymond Says:


  7. Lennard Says:

    Electronic Health Record, very nice niche and lots of competition and searches

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