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Did You Get Any .Toys, .University, .Town or .Reisen Domains?

Posted on 30 July 2014 by Andrei

4 new gTLDs entered the General Availability phase today:

Dot Toys
Dot University
Dot Town
Dot Reisen (Reisen = “trips” in German)

My favorite is Dot Toys but I only got one: Safest.Toys

More and more parents are concerned about the safety issues associated with toys (where they’re made, whether or not the company making the toys uses/used questionable materials and so on), seemed like a decent choice.

It’s a standard renewal domain.

Not so sure about the other three extensions because I didn’t spend time researching but as far as Dot Toys is concerned, I noticed something interesting this time around: yes, a lot of domains had premium renewals but those fees were on the low side.

Still, I decided to stay away from premium renewal fee domains but compared to other new gTLDs, it was harder to say no because a lot of good domains were available at fairly low premium fees.

Did you guys register any .Toys, .University, .Town and/or .Reisen domains?

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  1. Crasberry Says:

    Er…no, I didn’t register any and have no plans to. Why, so that I can lose both money and traffic? No thanks. I’ll pass. The gtld’s are dead to me. Seems like everyone else on earth has come to that same conclusion too.

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