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Did You Get Any Dot Reise, Fail, Financial, Limited, WTF, Actor or Rocks Domains?

Posted on 06 August 2014 by Andrei

I didn’t register any but if some of you guys did, feel free to let us know. The seven new gTLDs which entered the General Availability phase today were reasonably appealing but I for one didn’t find any available domains that were attractive enough to convince me to take action.

Will be interesting to see what tomorrow’s results will look like, as the registration numbers after the first day of General Availability represent one of the most popular new gTLD metrics.

Based on how things unfolded up until this point, I expect the German new gTLD Dot Reise (”Reise” = “trip” in German) to do ok. Thus far, German extensions have had results which can be labeled “not too shabby” and I expect Dot Reise to do ok-ish as well.

As far as the others are concerned, I’m quite curious what tomorrow’s numbers will tell us.

They’re decent extensions in my opinion and if they don’t at the very least get 1,000 GA registrations each, I’d consider the results disappointing.

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  1. Kevin M. Says:

    I got 4 .actor domains. All the good ones, as usual, were held back or had stupid 4 figure prices. grrr.. If you wanted them in ‘first names’, they were pretty pricy too ($70).

  2. Vincent Jacques Says:

    Picked up to go with my name…another future project.

  3. keith Says:

    Picked up site already up and running

  4. whocares Says:

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