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Much Ado about emotions. Why was lost

Posted on 05 February 2018 by Graham Haynes

Cognitive Bias

Our own Francois Carrillo lost a UDRP for the domain ADO(.)com and has been ordered to transfer it to the Mexican bus company who operates on

We can hear the outcry across the domaining world – give the panellists the dunce award; how could they come up with such a bad decision; why are they so gullible, can they not see that domaining is a legitimate and accepted business model. What were they thinking, it makes no sense.

Well let me make sense of it: it is wrong to think the panel had a bad day or that they didn’t think it through or they are stupid. It is the complete opposite because to apply the policy rules and then to come to their verdict, they had to perform intellectual gymnastics. Later I will explain why they went to such lengths.

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