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Correction: The Maximum .Club Yearly Renewal Price Increase Is 3%, Not 15%

Posted on 15 March 2017 by Andrei

Colin Campbell from Dot Club commented on the post I’ve published 4 days ago and made a clarification that we’re talking about the rate of inflation or 15% over *five years*, not per year, so a maximum of 3% yearly if the rate of inflation doesn’t exceed 3%.
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Only Dot Club Has a Convincing Pricing Approach

Posted on 11 March 2017 by Andrei

Edited: Colin Campbell from Dot Club commented and made a clarification that we’re talking about the rate of inflation or 15% over *five years*, not per year, so a maximum of 3% yearly if the rate of inflation doesn’t exceed 3%.

After the Uniregistry price increase, various registries have released statements with the intention of reassuring domain holders but frankly, Dot Club is the only one that has a convincing approach for the simple reason that there’s more than just words behind it: they’ve signed a price protection clause with registrars which states that they’re allowed to bump prices by the rate of inflation or 15%. So unless the inflation rate will exceed 15% in the US (yikes!), at least .club domain holders know they won’t have to adapt to an increase greater than 15%.
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Even Selling Decent New gTLDs for 25 Bucks Is Hard

Posted on 08 October 2015 by Andrei

As someone who runs a domain sales newsletter, observing the discrepancy between selling new gTLDs and selling dot coms is truly fascinating.
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The Complete List of Two Character Donuts New gTLDs I Have Bought

Posted on 11 September 2015 by Andrei

As some of you already know, Donuts has released a *lot* of two character domains through a Dutch auction approach similar to their Early Access Program. In other words, they start at a high price and as time passes, the price is lowered if nobody buys.

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What We Can Learn From Dot Co – Do’s and Don’ts

Posted on 25 August 2015 by Andrei

I’ve said it on more than one occasion here on DomainingTips: new gTLD registries have a lot to learn from what happened with Dot Co, as it basically represents a perfect case study of marketing done right in the domain space.
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Not All Great Keywords Belong on the Right of the Dot

Posted on 18 August 2015 by Andrei

The Dot Online new gTLD will enter the Early Access Phase tomorrow and the General Availability period will start next Thursday. On the one hand, “online” is definitely an amazing word but on the other hand, I’m not sure it belongs on the right of the dot.

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Dot XYZ = The Next Dot IO?

Posted on 12 August 2015 by Andrei

Ironically, just two weeks after I asked you guys what you thought about the domain Stocks.XYZ, an announcement took the domain industry by storm: the fact that Google has purchased and will be using ABC.XYZ. I’m a pragmatic guy and as such, am not quick to jump to conclusions such as “wow, the average Joe will start registering lots and lots of new gTLDs and Dot XYZ in particular”… it takes way more than this for us to get anywhere near that point.

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The Post I Never Wanted to Write – New gTLD Conclusions

Posted on 02 June 2015 by Andrei

This post won’t exactly help me make new friends in the new gTLD world, nor will it enable me to attract new advertisers. In fact, it will probably upset several people I consider friends and who are involved with new gTLDs in one way or another. As sorry as I am, it has to be written because this is why I blog in the first place: to share my 2 cents with readers, to share my perception of reality with them.

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