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Domain Names and Word of Mouth/Offline Advertising

Posted on 21 November 2009 by Andrei

Since “word of mouth advertising” and “offline advertising” are two extremely similar topics from a domaining perspective, I’ll cover both of them today. As someone who invests in domains and/or develops domains, here’s what you need to know:

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Domain Names and Social Media Traffic

Posted on 19 November 2009 by Andrei

Let me get straight to the point: in my opinion, quite a few people will end up LOSING a lot of money due to the fact that their judgment has been clouded by social media hype. Here’s why:

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Domain Names and Search Engine Traffic

Posted on 18 November 2009 by Andrei

Lots of people earn a living by chasing after search engine traffic exclusively, so why shouldn’t investors also earn a living (or at the very least make some decent coin) by sending some domains their way?

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Traffic Sources and Why They’re Important to DOMAINERS

Posted on 16 November 2009 by Andrei

Most domainers think that only type-in traffic deserves their attention but that’s just not true. Even if you want to limit yourself to being an investor (strictly buy and hold), it’s still important to understand how things work when it comes to other traffic sources and here’s why:

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Lots of Cash, (Almost) No Experience – What to Do?

Posted on 11 November 2009 by Andrei

Two of my readers asked me to write a post from the perspective of someone who has a decent budget (at the very least) and I’ve decided to do just that: your wish is my command 🙂

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Big Dreams, (Almost) No Cash – What to Do?

Posted on 10 November 2009 by Andrei

I’m sure the title describes a lot of you guys and it describes my situation back when I started out as well. So let’s leave concepts, paradigms and bs in general aside: seriously, let’s get right down to business and focus on making bank!

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Sell More Domains With a Newsletter – A How-To Guide for Starting Your Own Newsletter.

Posted on 04 May 2008 by Lord Brar

Guys — let me tell you a strategy which will help you sell more domains and skyrocket your domaining profit.

Start a newsletter – it is a very powerful tool and something that most people ignore. I have been running newsletters for some time now so I am talking from personal experience.

Learn how to start a newsletter, how to get people to subscribe and some practical things I have learn from my own experiences. Let’s get started, shall we? Continue Reading

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Domaining Success Handbook – Grab a Free Copy. A “No IFs or Buts” PDF Download.

Posted on 29 April 2008 by Lord Brar

Just ReleasedDomaining Success Handbook. A compilation of my best posts — more readable and extended.

Chapter 1 – The Shocking Truth about Domain Parking
Chapter 2 – How I “Really” Make Money From Domain Names
Chapter 3 – 6 Ways Not to Go Broke Developing Domains
Chapter 4 – Should You Fool Around With Your Domains
Chapter 5 – An Interview I did recently
Epilogue – The Unanswered Questions…

Download Your Copy – Absolutely Free!

Read it online »

Read this doc on Scribd: Domaining Success Handbook

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How to Choose a Host Without Getting Ripped-Off — 6 Practical “Rules of Thumb” to Remember.

Posted on 17 April 2008 by Lord Brar

Web Hosting

One of the most critical components component of your success on the internet is your web-host. If your web-host keeps giving you troubles, you will not be able to concentrate on developing, promoting and monetizing your websites. Also, if your website is down, you will not be able to show any ads and that would translate into zero revenue for you.

Sure — you can go with the top-of-shelf hosts which provide 100% uptime but they cost an arm and leg. Since our objective is to keep our costs minimum, we are going to use cheap shared-hosts. However, a LOT of these cheap hosts often resort of tactics — which I call “Dirty Games” — to squeeze every bit of profit from their customers.

Read this post to find out how most of these hosts try to rip-off their customers and “Rules of Thumb’ for identifying and avoiding such hosts. And yes, I will have host recommendations from my personal experience with some companies. Let’s get down to business, shall we? Continue Reading

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Ask Lord Brar – When is the “Right Time” to Sell Your Website or Your Domain?

Posted on 14 April 2008 by Lord Brar

Right Time

Got a Domaining Question? Ask Lord Brar.

Art Deco — while referring to my Domaining Strategy and Domain Development posts — asks:

Quoting a wise man “I keep an excel file with weekly details of how much traffic did the site get and how much money did it make from various revenue channels. If both don’t increase consistently, I know I need to get moving to grow these figures.”

With some sites it just seems like they plateau at a certain volume – maybe a 100 uniques/ month, maybe a few 1000 uniques/ month, but never enough to actually profit by either affiliates or ad cents clicks – and then they they just don’t grow much more.

It is hard to know whether to put some more time or money into them or sell them and move on. That’s what I was talking about – some way of judging what the potential of a URL is, and how many times to submit it, or add content to it, or let it be.

I assume you have to have enough domains running through your system that you develop some or list some for sale every day or every week, so when do you decide this domain is not worth holding?

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