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If You’ve Asked for My Opinion Regarding Your Portfolio This Month

Posted on 19 August 2015 by Andrei

I offer to share my opinion about the portfolios of those who are subscribed to my newsletter (details in the sidebar) and try to do it within 48 hours. However, I’ve been in the process of moving this month, so I haven’t been able to find the time to reply to portfolio analysis-related emails.

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Does Anyone Know How to Contact NameCheap’s Owner (Richard K)?

Posted on 02 August 2015 by Andrei

… or one of the other higher ups?

Their online chat support is usually very good but I had to contact them about an issue which needed to be escalated, as chat support staff members aren’t allowed to handle it. The person in question created a ticket and I haven’t head back from them since. Would appreciate it if you could share an email address or a Skype ID of someone who can help by commenting or by sending an email to

I really dislike using DomainingTips for something like this but the issue is quite time sensitive, so I’m left with no other choice.

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Dragon Dictation Is Awesome

Posted on 29 July 2015 by Andrei

To promote the book I will be launching soon, I will be writing lots and lots of guest posts on websites which are not related to investing in domains. I already have 30 to 40 guest posts and more than half of them have been written using the Dragon Dictation iPhone app.

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Time to (Finally) End My Blogging Hiatus!

Posted on 24 July 2015 by Andrei

I’ve spent the first half of 2015 away from DomainingTips so as to finish the book I’ve been working on for the past two years. It’s finally finished, waiting for voice-over artist to send me the last chapter and for my better half to finish proofreading the book (it has been proofread by yours truly and two editors thus far but the book still needs her magic touch, she’s been considerably more thorough than the two editors up until this point) and we’re good to go.

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The Euro Is a NIGHTMARE for International Businesses at the Current Exchange Rate

Posted on 18 March 2014 by Andrei

I’m sure other European domainers can confirm that for example selling domains for dollars and buying goods in euros is a nightmare at the current exchange rate of almost 1.4. Now if you earn money in EUR, you probably like the current situation but let’s face it, most European domainers work with dollars because… well, because everyone else uses dollars as well.

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It Seems I’m “Officially” Smart… or Everyone Else Is Stupid :)

Posted on 08 November 2013 by Andrei

A while ago, I wrote about the fact that I was kinda-sorta interested in taking the official Mensa IQ test to see if I qualify or not.

Well, even though I had to go through the trouble of being there in person (you can’t do it online, they only have an online “teaser” to give you a general idea as to what you should expect but the real test is offline, at least in my country), I ended up deciding to do it because I was genuinely curious.

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The Best Investment Domainers Can Make

Posted on 24 October 2013 by Andrei

Human beings are fascinating.

People are willing to spend lots of money on all sorts of products they know they’ll barely use (like for example, a gadget you’ll use a handful of times until you get bored or realize it’s utterly useless), yet when it comes to the things they use a lot each and every day (the bed they sleep on 8 hours/day, the chair they sit on x hours/day and so on), they try to save a buck and settle for sub-par items just because they’re “on sale” for whatever reason.

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Do You Believe in Partnerships?

Posted on 15 September 2013 by Andrei

A few days ago, I announced that I’m interested in selling but that I’m also open to partnerships suggestions.

To be perfectly honest though, while I am open to any suggestions (feel free to email me at, I’m not really sure I believe in partnerships unless the roles are clearly defined right from the beginning.

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Remember the Charity Campaign?

Posted on 12 August 2013 by Andrei

I’m sure you remember that a few months ago, we donated 100% of the revenue generated from new shared hosting customers via

Well, you know what the great thing about Kiva is?

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Saying “Thanks”

Posted on 07 July 2013 by Andrei

A reader recently asked me if I get lots of traffic when I post about coupons or discounts. To be honest, I don’t even care. The main reason why I write those posts is the fact that people often thank me, which leads me to believe that I’m doing a good job and that those posts are useful.

As a person who runs online businesses, I’ve noticed something interesting: when people are satisfied with a product/service, they usually don’t say thanks or something like that. In most cases, you only hear from most people when they’re *not* satisfied with something.

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