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WHY Do Most Chinese Investors “Pump and Dump” When Investing?

Posted on 19 March 2017 by Andrei

The conclusion of yesterday’s post has been that yes, most Chinese domainers invest in a “pump and dump” manner.

Today, let’s talk about *why* that happens.
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Just How Resilient Is the Internet Really?

Posted on 20 February 2017 by Andrei

Over the past months, I have to admit I’ve become more and more worried about the state of the world. I’m a fact-oriented economist, so I hate it when it’s a gut feeling that bothers me rather than a specific scenario. Right now, I couldn’t say that Scenario X or Scenario Y worries me, I don’t have a specific threat in mind but due to the instability that surrounds us, I think it’s time to hope for the best but think about the worst as well.
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Do You Like the Bigger Text + Wider Text Area on DomainingTips?

Posted on 04 February 2017 by Andrei

I’ve been playing around with the text and text area of DomainingTips. The font size has been increased quite a bit and, also, the text area is 300px wider. I think this should improve your reading experience without being annoying but want some feedback first.

Do you like it?
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When Should Bloggers Share Auction Results?

Posted on 29 January 2017 by Andrei

A week or so ago, a reader raised a valid point and mentioned that a domain isn’t considered sold until the actual payment takes place. That’s definitely true but it does beg the question: should bloggers refrain from sharing the grand totals of events such as the ROTD NamesCon auction?
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The Effect of Isolationism on the Internet?

Posted on 19 January 2017 by Andrei

The UK Brexit vote, the election of Trump in the US are just two examples which make it clear that more and more people have adopted an isolationist attitude. The same principle is valid elsewhere in the world as well. In Europe, isolationist candidates are at record-breaking popularity levels in a lot of places and again, all of this is taking place in a democratic framework.
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Will Bitcoin Eventually Be Used for End User Transactions?

Posted on 17 January 2017 by Andrei

I had a very interesting exchange of comments with a reader who is a bitcoin enthusiast a few days ago. While I’m not a bitcoin/crypto pro, I am reasonably knowledgeable and since I’m a domainer as well, I can’t help but wonder whether bitcoin will eventually become mainstream enough to be used for end user transactions.
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What Pays the Bills?

Posted on 07 January 2017 by Andrei

As much as domainers like to talk about “potential” and dream big, bills have to be paid and bellies have to be filled.

One of the most important questions you have to answer will always be this: what ultimately pays the bills and puts food on the table?
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Is Verisign’s Dot Web Purchase the Final Nail in the New gTLD Coffin?

Posted on 03 August 2016 by Andrei

Will .Web end up being the most successful new gTLD? Perhaps, perhaps not. It all depends on how we define “successful” I guess. I can tell you right now that if we choose to see things from a “which new G has the most registrations?” perspective, it definitely won’t be #1. Not by a long shot. If instead we see things from a “which new G made the most money?” angle (and I for one consider this approach a lot more reasonable) then perhaps Dot Web will indeed end up being the best.
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Can we fight against non-linear terrorism using linear thinking?

Posted on 15 July 2016 by Andrei

Like all of you, I’m shocked by the increasing frequency of terrorist attacks, the most recent one being in Nice. We humans are problem solvers and, naturally, once you get over the shock of the news, you cannot help but ask yourself: what can be done?
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Want My Honest Opinion About Your Domaining Strategy?

Posted on 06 July 2016 by Andrei

I’ve offered to analyze people’s portfolios every now and then on DomainingTips but I’ve never analyzed the domaining strategy of my readers. In other words, I’ve never had readers tell me about what they currently do or intend to do to make money via domaining, then share my two cents.
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