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Back Up Your Data… Now!

Posted on 19 December 2013 by Andrei

As of this point, I’ll be publishing a post like this once a year because unfortunately, most people still don’t understand just how important backups are.

Most domainers probably have at least a website or two and the bottom line is this: it doesn’t matter which hosting company you’re using, you should still have your own backups because one extra measure of precaution can’t hurt.

Don’t rely on the fact that your hosting company will do this for you.

If your host backs up data as well (highly recommended, of course), great but don’t rely on those backups.

In most cases, backing up your files shouldn’t take more than a few minutes, so it really isn’t that much of an inconvenience.

If you own at least one website, please do yourself a favor and back up your data after reading this post. Do it now, don’t say you’ll do it tomorrow because you’ll probably end up forgetting 🙂

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