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Attacking Dot Com Is Not a Viable Marketing Strategy

Posted on 12 August 2014 by Andrei

I found out about the fact that Donuts published a post on their official blog with the title “The Importance of Semantics and Affinity, and the Meaninglessness of .COM” over at OnlineDomain a few moments ago.

Quite frankly, this marketing strategy leaves me scratching my head and I’ll try to explain why.

We’re all adults here and most of the people who are reading this post are also professional domainers, so let’s be realistic for a moment: dot com is everywhere and writing a few words on a blog will in no way stop this.

If a company is serious about marketing its product, it would be better off doing something constructive like… I don’t know, what was that word again? Innovation!

Unfortunately, I’m not seeing enough innovation from new gTLD registries.

Since we’re talking about Donuts today, let me give you a quick example with one of their extensions: Dot Directory.

They could have done interesting things with it.

Like finding a way to offer a free and hassle-free way to create a directory for everyone who buys such a domain.

Now that would have been a creative approach and something similar could have been implemented for their other strings.

Unfortunately, that didn’t happen.

To do well in a dot com dominated world (and yes, dot com is literally everywhere, that’s what new gTLD registries are up against), you have to up your game. Simply limiting yourself to a business model along the lines of “We’re the registry. We just launched a new gTLD. Buy it.” is a huge mistake in my opinion.

A quick word of advice to all new gTLD registries: innovate, be creative rather than destructive.

Right now, dot com is the world’s #1 basketball player and new gTLDs are children watching that person on TV. If those children are serious about eventually becoming professional basketball players as well, criticizing the #1 guy is not a good starting point. Instead, to even remotely stand a chance, they have to start working hard and even if that were to happen, there are still no guarantees.

The same principle is valid when it comes to new gTLDs.

Stop criticizing.

Start innovating.

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4 Comments For This Post

  1. Snoopy Says:

    I think the level of frustration is growing in new tld land.

    You’ve hot one guy trying to tell people companies switched from .com to cc tlds in Germany, UK and AU, obviously he doesn’t know anything about those markets but the argument suits him.

    Whilst his boss Paul Stahura is trying to tell people Verisign has dropped the price of .com to $1 because of a Godaddy coupon he saw. Again he he has no idea what he is talking about.

    Looking at other registries, you’ve got fake registrations to produce fake stats and get you into a chart consists of lots of other fake tlds.

    The real numbers, e.g. when you take out .xyz, .berlin etc are gradually falling month by month. The peak was February for daily reg volumes, it has barely had an up week since. Eg take a registrar with clean new tlds reges Godaddy (i.e. not freebies) and expand the chart to see hoe things are really going,

    So I predict this kind of thing is going to get a lot uglier because things are not trending well. The worse the numbers are the more argumentative these guys will get, and the sleazier the marketing practices will be in my view.

  2. Jolene Smith Says:

    The problem with the .com and argument that spawned the acceptance of applications for new gtlds still remains. Quality .com domains still available as new registrations are very few and far between. Remember, the entire purpose of a domain name is to provide a memorable and concise ‘tag’ to reference a online resource. Using, I watch the domains that are being registered. Yes, .xyz and yes .xyz have ‘fake’ registrations to boost numbers. Look at the registrations that are published each day. Do your own research and come to your own conclusion. The new gtlds, provide new platforms for innovative minds to create solid platforms that get to take advantage of very precise keywords. The domain is a perfect example.

  3. Steve Says:

    “Quality .com domains still available as new registrations are very few and far between.”
    I could say that about the new gtld’s. Most of the new extensions held back premium names for big $$$. Great new names available at reg??
    Check some of the “premium holdback domain prices” that are definitely not priced at affordable rates. How about .luxury renewal costs.
    If you don’t have the .com version of your new gtld you are losing a HUGE amount of traffic to the .com. Guaranteed.

  4. owen frager Says:

    As a marketing strategy it might be great because it’s got everyone talking about it and promoting strings in blogs for free versus PAYING for advertising.

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