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Domain Sales Newsletter Case Study – Part 28

Posted on 29 February 2016 by Andrei

I’ve been focusing on short domains exclusively for a looooooong time, so it’s time for a little breather and a more diversified list today: – edited: the domains have been removed -.

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Sedo GreatDomains Auctions Ending Tomorrow

Posted on 24 February 2016 by Andrei

This month’s GreatDomains auctions will end tomorrow, there are approximately 23 hours left at the moment of writing. Very balanced inventory in my opinion and most of the domains have bids at the moment of writing (only 26 out of 92 domains don’t have bids yet), this is what you get if you give the market what it wants… mainly short domains :)
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Will I Be Using’s Concierge Service?

Posted on 23 February 2016 by Andrei

A lot of people have been waiting for this feature and I’m glad will be offering it as of this point.

If you don’t know what the concierge service is all about, here’s a short explanation: up until this point, did not take possession of the domain at all. In other words, the buyer paid and then instructed the seller to transfer the domain directly to the buyer. After the seller did this and the buyer confirmed, paid the buyer.
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Domain Sales Newsletter Case Study – Part 27

Posted on 22 February 2016 by Andrei

In my opinion (biased, of course), the DomainingTips newsletter represents the best venue at which you can buy really good Chinese Premium LLLL.coms. This week, for example, I have – edited: the domains have been removed -.
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The Submission Window for the Next Heritate Auctions Event Closes Tomorrow

Posted on 21 February 2016 by Andrei

I’ve submitted three one-word domains and a couple of two-worders for the HA San Francisco auction which will take place on the 19th of April a few moments ago, just thought I’d let you guys know that you can only submit inventory today and tomorrow.
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Sedo GreatDomains February Started Today

Posted on 18 February 2016 by Andrei

I kind of like the current Sedo GreatDomains approach: not a lot of domains, low reserves and assets the market wants (lots of short domains). Makes perfect sense. Sure, an event sounds a lot more extravagant if you include blockbuster domains such as “” or whatever but if the reserves would be way too high for the reseller market to absorb the inventory in question, you’re better off not including that auction IMO.
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Domain Sales Newsletter Case Study – Part 26

Posted on 15 February 2016 by Andrei

Decided to keep it simple today, so I’m simply (see what I did there?) asking people to submit individual and/or bulk offers on *extremely* juicy premium LLLL dot coms: -edited: the domains have been removed-.
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Comments Off Case Study – Part 6

Posted on 10 February 2016 by Andrei

I’ve published my 7th YouTube video about two hours ago and for the first time, I’ve explained two things rather than just one: the Gross Domestic Product (aka GDP) on the one hand and government revenue on the other.
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Domain Sales Newsletter Case Study – Part 25

Posted on 08 February 2016 by Andrei

When it comes to LLLL dot coms, this much is certain: nobody knows anything and the price increase of premium LLLLs over the past week (up 10% – 15%) proves just that. Due to the Chinese New Year, most people expected activity to slow down substantially but the exact opposite happened. Prices went up, activity went up.
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Dear GoDaddy, Please Fix Your Whois Bug Already!

Posted on 07 February 2016 by Andrei

I’ve noticed this for several months: I transfer a domain from its current registrar to GoDaddy but after the transfer has been finalized, the whois info isn’t updated. In other words, the domain keeps the old whois info.

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