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Domains and Bitcoin Are *Not* Similar

Posted on 30 September 2015 by Andrei

Due to the fact that both of them are online assets, a lot of people make the huge mistake of assuming they’re pretty much the same thing. Nothing could be further from the truth, they are actually fundamentally different and today, I will try to explain why.
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Things That Could Make Domain Investing Grind to a Halt

Posted on 29 September 2015 by Andrei

As a lot of you probably already know (as this news has literally been all over the place over the past 24 hours or so), proof that water in liquid form exists on Mars seems to have been found. This made me wonder: what if one of these days, instead of such an announcement, people will announce that we’ve actually been in contact with an alien civilization?
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Domain Sales Newsletter Case Study – Part 7

Posted on 28 September 2015 by Andrei

Very balanced newsletter today, pretty much all domain categories have been covered.

Today’s email is dominated by over 100 LLLL dot coms (125, to be more precise) and short domain investors will also find the numerics I’m offering interesting.

I’m also selling one worders at discounts even steeper than those offered last time as well as a couple of other awesome names. Should be interesting.
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What Do You Think Humanity’s Main Goal Should Be?

Posted on 27 September 2015 by Andrei

I invite you to visit when you get a chance to, where humanity’s top 17 goals for the next 15 years are illustrated. And don’t just limit yourself to spending 5 seconds on the homepage: at the very least pick your favorite goal, click on it and read a bit more.
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The Last Day of Portfolio Reviews

Posted on 26 September 2015 by Andrei

Up until this point, I’ve been offering free portfolio reviews for those who subscribe to my newsletter using the form on the sidebar. Unfortunately, I’ve decided that I just can’t keep up with the volume of requests (if you’re reading this and haven’t received your review yet, please accept my sincere apologies for the delay, I’ll send it your way asap) and therefore, today will be the last day of portfolio reviews.
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Are You Prepared for the Next Financial Crisis?

Posted on 25 September 2015 by Andrei

Most of you know that I’m an economist “by trade” but unlike most economists, I do not pretend to be able to predict the future. I cannot. However, I do have hunches every now and then and in my opinion, we should be expecting a financial crisis somewhere over the next year or so.
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How Much of Your Net Worth Should You Invest in Domains?

Posted on 24 September 2015 by Andrei

I believe it’s reasonably likely that at some point in the future, investment grade domains will be recognized as a “status quo” asset class. In other words, the average investor who up until this point limited himself to asset classes such as stocks, bonds and real estate will start taking domains seriously.

Therefore, today’s question has to dimensions:
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Premium Renewals Just Don’t Make Sense

Posted on 23 September 2015 by Andrei

Mike Berkens has every right to be pissed off after finding out that BigGame.Fishing carries a $2,700 yearly renewal fee. Or Quarter.Horse (I’m sorry but even when the domain makes sense, the Dot Horse new G still makes me chuckle).
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The Day-to-Day Frustrations of a Domaining Blogger

Posted on 22 September 2015 by Andrei

The post Konstantinos published earlier today makes it clear that the life of a domaining blogger is anything but easy.

At time, it tends to be quite frustrating.
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Domain Sales Newsletter Case Study – Part 6

Posted on 21 September 2015 by Andrei

This week, I’ll be trying a new experiment: after having a “short domain” themed newsletter last week and a “keyword domain” themed one the week before, I will be focusing on my own domains exclusively this week in a very aggressive manner.

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