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2013’s First $0.99 GoDaddy Coupon

Posted on 04 January 2013 by Andrei

What better way to start the year than by saving a buck? If you took advantage of the Groupon deal, you can use that credit if I’m not mistaken. The deal was only available to US customers and since I wasn’t able to test it, I’m not 100% sure but if my memory serves me well, some people managed to use their credit with past $0.99 coupons so it will probably work now as well.

Alright then, here’s the coupon:


Oh and don’t forget to buy some hosting at $0.98/month from as well by clicking HERE. The promo was supposed to expire at the end of 2012 but I thought it would be nice to start 2013 by helping those less fortunate, so I’ll donate all of the revenue from new shared hosting customers via Kiva until the end of January.

3 Comments For This Post

  1. nope Says:

    its not the first at all
    been on dnf and namepros forums for weeks
    stop wasting time

  2. Uzoma Says:

    The promotional code is expired or inactive

  3. Andrei Says:

    @nope and Uzoma: sorry, wrong code, I edited my first post.

    A bunch of $0.99 codes expired but I think gofa2001sa is still valid. If it works for you, I’d recommend using it today because it seems all $0.99 codes are expiring, hope it helps.

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