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10 GoDaddy Discount Codes

Posted on 19 April 2014 by Andrei

Great news, it seems GoDaddy is once again starting to be more generous when it comes to coupons. Found 10 this week: two of them should bring the price down to $0.99, three should bring the price down to $1.99 and five should bring the price down to $2.95.

I’m not sure whether they work for everyone or just from people from the US/Canada and since I didn’t use any myself, I cannot make any guarantees.

First, here are the two $0.99 coupons:


Next, here are three $1.99 coupons:


And last but not least, here are five $2.95 coupons:


The most helpful resource for those of you who want to find GoDaddy discount codes as well as coupons for other registrars is in my opinion but be sure to also follow all of the important registrars via twitter since they frequently tweet about new promotions.

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  1. Savio D'Silva Says:

    Thanks for these codes. I sure hope they work in India since most of these codes published on domaining blogs seems to cater just to those living in Europe and America.

  2. Andrei Says:

    @Savio D’Silva: you can try gofhin51 as well, someone from India seems to have managed to use it earlier this week. I didn’t include it in today’s list because a more recent report indicates it doesn’t work and because I’m not 100% sure what the discount is. I think it should bring the price down to $1.75-ish.

  3. Savio D'Silva Says:

    Thanks Andrei. If anyone else here is from Asia then you can use “jeff199” which gets the price down to $1.99. And “comedy” brings the price down to Rs.175 in India. Desperately looking for a Godaddy .com renewal coupon and if anyone has one that works then please let me know.

  4. Neil Says:

    Check as they always have all the latest renewal and reg codes.