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What Were They Called? End Users?

Posted on 11 May 2016

Seeing the term “end users” written on my WordPress dashboard as I am typing this seems… well, just a tad bit strange. I actually took a moment and thought about whether or not I should use a hyphen between “end” and “users”, I kid you not :)
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Domain Sales Newsletter Case Study – Part 41

Posted on 08 May 2016

I’m literally in firesale mode right now and today’s newsletter has it all: -edited: the domains have been removed-. Something on today’s list for everyone.

Here’s the full text of the newsletter and as always, the domains will be removed within 48-ish hours so as not to get indexed:

“I’ve never offered these domains at such low prices before, motivated to move inventory!

Let’s get right down to business:

-edited: the domains have been removed-

Payment via (buyer pays fee) or PayPal (add 3% if you cannot pay via masspay or “send to friend”).

To let me know which domain(s) you want, reply to this email or send a message to

Take care,

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Come On GoDaddy, Fix Your WHOIS Thingy Already!

Posted on 08 May 2016

Maybe if we say it frequently enough, they’ll actually do it :)

It’s frustrating that whenever I buy a domain from someone and transfer it to GoDaddy, it retains the contact info of the seller.
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Comments (2) Case Study – Part 9

Posted on 07 May 2016

I’m trying to increase my video publishing frequency and today, it’s time for a new case study update, this time about my one-minute dot com bubble explanation. In my opinion, you just *have* to publish a video about the dot com bubble on an economics channel. Everyone’s talking about the great depression and the great recession (my next video) but in my opinion, the dot com bubble is equally fascinating.
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Most Chinese Investors Are Beginners

Posted on 05 May 2016

Reading buyout threads has been quite frustrating because most of them have something in common: due to the fact that China has been the main “engine” of those buyouts, a lot of people use illogical arguments such as “the Chinese are buying, they must be on to something” or “do you actually think the buyout will stop and that all those Chinese investors will lose money?” as if “the Chinese” possess a crystal ball and can accurately predict the future.

They don’t. They can’t.
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Reseller Market Demand for Generics?

Posted on 04 May 2016

Bill Sweetman wrote a very interesting piece about what end users want and one worders for example are at the top of his list. Generics in general are leading the way, with 68% based on his data.
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Domain Sales Newsletter Case Study – Part 40

Posted on 02 May 2016

With names like at $1,499 and LLLLs at $249 a pop, I expect these to go quickly. My favorite moments as someone who is running a domain sales newsletter is seeing domains sold within minutes after an email has been sent. Can’t put a price on that :)
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Sedo Auctions Aren’t Worth It IMO

Posted on 28 April 2016

I’m sorry but they just aren’t in my opinion, definitely not at the 15% commission level.

Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind paying 15% if the service is worth it. If I can only sell a domain for $1,000 and you can obtain $2,000 for it, I’d gladly pay you 15% because even after subtracting your commission, I’m still left with $1,700. Way better than the $1,000 I can obtain. I’d even be willing to pay 30% because hey, subtract your $600 commission and I’d be left with $1,400 which is still considerably better than $1k. Even a 40% commission leaves me $200 ahead… you get the point.
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Sedo GreatDomains Auctions Ending Today

Posted on 28 April 2016

… less than 9 hours left. As usual over the past year or so, short domains are the main focus and if you’re a short domain investor, you’ll definitely find some juicy inventory today :)

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Posted on 26 April 2016

Time for video #9 of my OneMinuteEconomics case study, this one’s about the Great Depression of 1929. It’s a topic more and more people are curious about, did my best to help people understand what it was all about in one minute.

To check out the video, click here.
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