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Let’s Help Chris Out

Posted on 03 September 2015

Unfortunately, things that quite frankly suck sometimes happen… life happens.

Chris, a fellow domain investor, is going through a very rough time. He emailed me and describe the desperate situation he and his disabled mother are in. Liquidating his portfolio and asking for donations are basically his only options at this point and I offered to share his story with you guys.

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The One Thing You Need to Be a Good Domain Investor

Posted on 02 September 2015

If I were to name just one thing that is needed for you to be a good domain investor, I wouldn’t pick one of the traits you’d expect me to choose. I wouldn’t choose intelligence, I would not go with determination, nor would I pick something like eagerness to learn.

What what I choose then?

Well, here’s what I choose, drumroll please: money.
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Understand the Nature of Your Sales Method

Posted on 01 September 2015

One of the most interesting aspects I’ve noticed after starting the domain sales newsletter has been the fact that despite making it crystal clear just how important it is to price your inventory in the way that makes it attractive to other investors, a lot of people still submit unrealistically priced inventory.

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Domain Sales Newsletter Case Study – Part 3

Posted on 31 August 2015

I’ve sent this week’s newsletter a few moments ago and compared to last week’s, it contains three times more domains. Anther difference is represented by the fact that the prices are extremely low this week, with most domains being in three figure territory.

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There Aren’t Always “Right or Wrong” Answers

Posted on 30 August 2015

Perhaps the most amazing thing about the Internet, from my perspective as an entrepreneur and an investor, is the fact that it makes it possible to implement a wide range of different and a lot of times seemingly contradictory business models. Domain investing does not represent an exception.

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Am I the Only Domain Investor Who *Doesn’t* Splurge on Technology?

Posted on 29 August 2015

As someone who earns a living on the Internet, you might think I’m the type of person who always buys the latest gadgets. However, I’m the exact opposite and just wanted to see if I’m somewhat of an exception or if others also share my reluctance to spend money on technology-related stuff.

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Domain Sales Newsletter Case Study – Part 2

Posted on 28 August 2015

In part 1 of this case study, I shared some initial impressions about my “I should try brokering domains at a 5% commission through my newsletter” (longest name ever?) experiment. Today, after crunching some numbers, I can say that financially, the results have been ok-ish.

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Sedo’s August GreatDomains Auctions Ending Today

Posted on 27 August 2015

Some ok-ish inventory this month, not bad but not spectacular either. On the one hand, there are good domains for sure but the inventory seems a bit on the thin side (only 46 domains). Several short domains, which makes sense because every auction house/broker loves selling what’s currently hot. The auctions will end today, approximately 10 hours and 45 minutes left at the moment of writing.

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How Do You Plan to Generate Cash Flow?

Posted on 26 August 2015

I’ve explained this on more than one occasion over the years: don’t make the mistake of assuming that those who currently own amazing domains and registered them back in the let’s say 90s used a simple buy-and-hold strategy.
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What We Can Learn From Dot Co – Do’s and Don’ts

Posted on 25 August 2015

I’ve said it on more than one occasion here on DomainingTips: new gTLD registries have a lot to learn from what happened with Dot Co, as it basically represents a perfect case study of marketing done right in the domain space.
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